Urbanears Zinken On-Ear DJ Headphones

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Enhance your DJing experience with the Urbanears Zinken On-Ear DJ Headphones. The on-ear construction of these headphones isolates the noise around you so you can focus on the music. Likewise, their full-sized design makes it easier to hear the precise details of the track you’re about to play. The headphones also come with swivel ear caps, making them adaptable and comfortable. Similarly, the adjustable headband ensures that you can wear the headphones for long periods without discomfort. The Zinken headphones also provide a ZoundPlug, enabling you to share music in an instant. Plus, they offer dual-duty TurnCable so you can effortlessly alternate between your pocket and mixer music. The two TurnCable plugs include a 6.3mm plug for your DJ sessions as well as a 3.5mm plug for regular listening. Finally, the Zinken headphones are collapsible so you can easily carry them anywhere.

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