Uhuru Minim Rise Sit/Stand Workstation

Photography Equipment

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Have the option to sit or stand while you work with your team with the Uhuru Minim Rise Sit/Stand Workstation. Featuring two desks in one, the Minim Rise features an electronic lift system that is part of a sturdy steel base, hidden beneath the work surface. The workstation is complete with power and data options for the desktop and lower trough as well as a divider between the desks. Likewise, the electrical platform in the desktop offers power plugs, HDMI, data, and USB slots along with on the lower trough. Furthermore, the power and data are mounted on the surface of the desk. Plus, you can hide your cables using the flip top for a totally minimalist appearance. Available in five surface options including real wood, the Minim Rise has a timeless aesthetic. Pairing with its unique functionality, it’s an ideal addition to any modern office, co-working space or home.

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