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by Frank - 10 months ago

The Roadie 2 tuner ups your guitar game

The first Roadie tuner was a modern marvel. An automatic guitar tuning system, the little device connected to your phone to listen to your guitar strings and then set them to the proper tuning using an internal motor. The new model, the $129 Roadie...

by Frank - 10 months ago

Noontec’s Hammo Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re a DJ or just dancing around your house listening to some tunes, Noontec’s Hammo Wireless Headphones should be what is pumping the music into your ears. There’s a reason that everyone from broadcast and recording studios to audio enthus...

by Frank - 10 months ago

ONE Smart Keyboard Pro: Learn Piano Like a Pro (sort of)

The ONE Keyboard Pro has the attention of the piano community and rightly so. That’s because this portable 88-key keyboard for beginners and experienced players alike has a lot of great features. It has keys that light up with sheet music, video les...