Noontec’s Hammo Wireless Headphones

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Whether you’re a DJ or just dancing around your house listening to some tunes, Noontec’s Hammo Wireless Headphones should be what is pumping the music into your ears. There’s a reason that everyone from broadcast and recording studios to audio enthusiasts make it their top choice for headphones

These headphones have very low distortion, superior quality, and crystal clear wireless sound. They are perfect for technical listening, DJ monitoring, and sound mixing in the studio. Plus, these features can go with you on the street. The Hammo Wireless model is the result of three years of design and development as well as an uncompromising commitment to engineering.

Noontec’s Hammo Wireless Headphones

Hammo Wireless headphones deliver superior sound on the go.

Hammo Wireless Headphones Allow You to Take Professional Audio From the Studio to the Street

Hammo Wireless headphones deliver accurate sound reproduction using SCCB, a unique cavity design technique developed in-house by Noontec. They give the wide and flat frequency response that you need for high-fidelity.

Other features include Votrik HD500 50mm extra size drivers, minimal distortion, neutrality, accuracy and a realistic deep bass with treble that is crystal clear. They also feature Bluetooth 4.1 QualcomaptX technology and a battery with an amazing 50-hour runtime.

The superior sound is amazing, but if you can’t move to the beat or take it with you, what good is it? These headphones let you enjoy your music untethered. You can use them in the wired mode when doing professional sound work,  and you can also enjoy yourself without needing a wire.

As if the technical specs weren’t amazing enough, the design team also focused on comfort, creating one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones in the industry. This model features headband architecture,  a lightweight build, and handcrafted leather earcups. That comfort is necessary when you have up to 50 hours of listening time.