IDG Contributor Network: Why data democratization is crucial to your business

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In the Information Age, the power of data has been mostly kept in the hands of a few data analysts with the skills and understanding necessary to properly organize, crunch, and interpret the data for their organization. This approach was born out of necessity—most employees were not trained how to effectively use the growing flood of data.

But things have changed with the emergence of technologies capable of making data shareable and interpretable for nondata analysts. Data democratization allows data to pass safely from the hands of a few analysts into the hands of the masses in a company.

Data democratization is a game-changer

Data democratization will catapult companies to new heights of performance, if done right. Indeed, the utopian vision of data democratization is hard to refuse.

“Data democratization means that everybody has access to data and there are no gatekeepers that create a bottleneck at the gateway to the data. The goal is to have anybody use data at any time to make decisions with no barriers to access or understanding,” says Bernard Marr, bestselling author of Big Data in Practice.