IDG Contributor Network: Demystifying machine learning

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Last year was massive for the creation of exponential technologies leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI is a hot topic. Without realizing it, many of us now interact with AI on a daily, if not an hourly, basis.

Yet AI and robotics aren’t new. For instance, robotics has been used in manufacturing for decades, and Siri has been telling us bad jokes for nearly seven years. However, there is confusion around what constitutes AI and machine learning, and the capabilities of each of these technologies. So, let me define what AI and machine learning are, and see if it helps demystify the technologies and clear some of the fog that exists in the market.

Artificial intelligence vs. machine learning

AI is a platform or a solution that appears to be intelligent and can often exceed the performance of humans. It is a broad description of any device that mimics human or intellectual functions, such as mechanical movement, reasoning, or problem solving.

Machine learning is a statistical and data-driven approach to creating AI, such as when a computer program learns from data to improve its performance. As a result, machine learning is dependent on data, and often with these approaches the quality of the data or the process of creating the data is vital to the success of the machine.