11 signs you’re writing great code

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Bill Sourour has a great post on Medium about code he’s ashamed of from an ethical standpoint. But there are also a lot of technical reasons to be ashamed of your software. Here are the 11 adjectives that describe software you won’t be ashamed of.

No matter what language or technology stack you use, if you can describe your code with these adjectives, the rest will probably follow. See how many you can apply to your own code.

1. Debuggable

Most modern runtimes let you attach a debugger of some kind. Even Node.js can be debugged with Visual Studio. You should write your code with the idea that you might one day attached a debugger to figure out what the freaking heck is going on.

It is hard to describe what that means exactly, but when you do this it affects how to structure data sometimes. You may use more temporary variables so that you don’t have to dig through a structure. Fortunately, most of this turns out to be good practice anyhow.